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How to solve the problem of slow operation of concrete mixing plant

After the purchase of concrete mixing station, and sometimes encounter the slow operation of concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant in the face of the slow operation of the problem, how should we solve, Heze Zhenhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a professional Shandong asphalt concrete Mixing plant manufacturers, Xiaobian today to learn together with you about the slow mixing concrete mixing station.

1, concrete mixing station caused by overloading and stirring shaft stalling, just adjust the feeding amount, unloading excess material, reduce the stirring shaft rotation load can be.

2. When the side vanes and the inner wall are stuck with materials, there will be sharp and jarring friction sound before the stirring shaft stops. If this happens, stop the machine immediately, manually remove foreign matter, readjust the mixing blades of the concrete mixing plant or Side vane and the gap between the tank wall, if necessary, water can be washed first.

3, concrete mixing station motor drive belt is too loose, just stop after adjusting the concrete mixing station motor drive belt tension can be.