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How to maintain the stability of asphalt concrete mixing plant

Asphalt concrete mixing station installed, the most worried about is the stability of asphalt mixing plant, asphalt concrete mixing plant installation should be how to ensure that the company as a professional manufacturer of Shandong asphalt concrete mixing plant, today to learn together with you How to maintain the stability of asphalt concrete mixing plant

First of all, on the one hand, it is about the selection of transfer pumps in asphalt mixing plants and must meet the requirements of the maximum asphalt casting and the maximum height and the maximum horizontal distance required during construction. At the same time have a certain technical and production reserves, a balanced production capacity of 1.2 to 1.5 times the best.

Second, the two systems of motion and hydraulics of asphalt mixing plant must be normal, and there should be no abnormal sound and vibration, to avoid large aggregates and agglomeration inside the equipment, otherwise it is easy to get stuck in the feed inlet of the mixing plant Or clogged by arching. Another point, when the asphalt mixing plant in the same venue, it is not appropriate to use too many units and more than the number of pumps, so as not to affect their normal operation.