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Concrete mixing station to do routine inspection

Concrete mixing station before work, we need to do a good job of its daily inspection, then, all need to check what?

First, check the lubrication of the rotating parts of the work, timely supply of lubricants.

Second, check the amount of lubricant mixer mixer cup, timely supply of lubricants.

Third, check the gas system on a gas system on a weekly basis the oil surface height, the use of viscosity of 2.5 ~ 70 E lubricant.

Fourth, open a drain valve every day, the air compressor and the condensate water in the tank discharge.

Fifth, fasteners (such as bolts and nuts) should always check whether the loose and found to have loose, it must be promptly tightened, especially some of the parts subject to luffing load.

Sixth, often check the water, gas and admixture system equipment is normal.

Seven, check the electrical control system and the instrument is normal.

Eight, check the mixer concrete mixing plant mixer shaft and cylinder clean, if the mixing shaft of concrete coagulation too much, you must manually enter the clean-up.

Nine, regular cleaning or replacement of powder tank filter in the filter.

X. If the downtime is more than one week, the materials (such as cement, water, admixture and various aggregates) in the measuring hoppers must be emptied and the mixing console, hopper and other outlets should be emptied to avoid material compaction.

Note: When cleaning the filter in the powder tank filter can not be washed, can only use air blowing or soft brush cleaning.